15:30 - 16:00 | COFFEE BREAK

Critical appraisal skills for evidence-based practice

Gokarna Forest Resort, Nepal.
Critical appraisal skills for evidence-based practice
24th September-25th September 2022
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Choosing wisely Highlights 


  1. Global perspective on the Choosing wisely campaign
  2. Choosing wisely in all aspects of cancer care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and End of life care  
  3. Choosing wisely to mitigate financial toxicity 
  4. Navigating evidence based care with financial limitations 
  5. Choosing wisely in Precision Oncology 


Choosing Wisely Objectives 


  1. To promote conversations between oncologists  and patients by helping patients choose care that is supported by evidence
  2. To improve safety and quality of healthcare 
  3. To avoid overtreatment, unnecessary tests and procedures 
  4. To encourage oncologists to choose care that is free from harm and truly necessary
  5. To raise the bar in trials in oncology by starting a dialogue