I ecancer Choosing Wisely Cambodia 2023

Hyatt Regency, Phnom Penh
18th March 2023
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Dear friends and colleagues,


Amidst growing concerns of increasing cost of cancer care and financial toxicity incurred by patients, appropriate use of tests, procedures and treatments is crucial. As we move forward with newer drug with minimal benefits and high-end technology approvals, it has become increasingly difficult to make wise choices in clinic for practicing oncologists and patients. What is available may not necessarily be better or cost –effective.


It gives us great pleasure to invite you to this meeting on choosing wisely or avoiding wisely, especially avoiding overuse of treatments with no survival benefit or improvement of quality of life. Given that low value cancer care is ingrained in some systems, active awareness and efforts to de-implement these either  by reducing / replacing / stopping these practices is the way forward for sustainability.


Within this context, we invite you to participate in our conference “Choosing  Wisely Cambodia 2023” to be held on 18th of March 2023, at the Hyatt Regency, Phnom Penh, Cambofia .  One of the important discussions at the meeting is also to develop recommendation on avoiding patients exposure to unnecessary risks, both financial and treatment related.


Choosing wisely global  initiative is to build on choosing wisely ASCO framework of expanding the use of relevant, accessible innovations and low-cost potential treatment to sustain patients’ access to good quality care. Taking forward our agenda with experts passionate in this subject, we wish to contribute to the cancer care policy framework that garners the support of health professionals, patients, and citizens for enhancing the value of cancer care.


We look forward to welcoming you at this conference.


Sokrey Him, MD  - Deputy Director - Department of International Cooperation  Ministry of Health

Dr Beauta Rath - Calmette Hospital, Cambodia