Kolkata 2019

ecancer.org and the Tata Medical Center present a two-day summit on oncology
19-20 October 2019
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10.00 | Welcome from the chair of the organising commitee
Dr. Soumitra Datta
10:05 | Opening address
Dr Mammen Chandy
10.10 | Introduction to the ecancer Foundation
Prof. Richard Sullivan
10.15 | Key note: Accessible, affordable cancer care
Prof. Arnie Purushotham
10.45 -12.15 | Beast Cancer Module
Chairs: Prof. Arnie Purushotham and Dr Joydeep Ghosh
10.45 | How to approach a breast lump (screening and early detection)
Dr. Sanjit Agrawal
11.15 | Early Breast Cancer (Breast conservation and Axiliary Management)
Dr. Gaurav Agarwal
11.45 | Advanced Breast Cancer (Diagnostic work up and comprehensive management)
Dr. Prafulla Sakya
12.15 | Lunch

13.00 | Plenary: Choosing Wisely in Oncology
Prof. Richard Sullivan
13:30 | Plenary: The challenges of implementing Western Clinical Care Guidelines in India
Dr. Bishal Gyawali
14.00 | Plenary: When to change the goals of care and dealing with the communication challenges therein
Dr. Nagesh Simha
14.30 | COFFEE

14:55 - 16.35 | Head and Neck Module
Chairs: Prof. Arnie Purushotham and Dr. Simon Pavamani
14.55 | Behaviour and emotions in head and neck cancer
Dr. Soumitra Datta
15.05 | Avoiding mismanagement of early oral cancer
Dr. Phub Tshering
15.20 | Surgical management of advanced oral cancer
Dr. Hemant Nemade
15.35 | Adjuvent treatment in advanced oral cancer
Dr. Indranil Mallick
15.50 | Management of recurrent and metastatic oral cancer
Dr. Bishal Gyawali
16.05 | Management of Laryngeal/Hypopharyngeal cancer
Dr. Sanjoy Chatterjee
16.20 | Voice rehabilitation after Laryngectomy
Dr. Kapila Manikantan
16.35 | Lightening poster presentations
Chair: Prof. Richard Sullivan and Prof. Vaskar Saha
17:00 | CLOSE


08.30-10.00 | GI Cancer Module
Chair: Dr Mohandes Mallath
8.30am | GI cancers-Burdens, outcomes, gaps
Dr. Mohandas Mallath, Kolkata
08:45 | Neoadjuvant therapy in squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus
Dr. Indranil Mallick, Kolkata
09:00 | Neoadjuvant therapy in rectal adenocarcinoma
Professor Reena Engineer, Mumbai
09:15| Enhancing curative resection for GI cancer: Margins, nodes and recovery.
Dr Robin Thambudoral
09:30 | Role of adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy

Prof Atul Sharma, TMH Mumbai
09:40 | Questions and answers with the speakers.
All of the above
10.00 | Morning Tea

10.30 - 12.00 | Lung Module
Chairs: Prof. Richard Sullivan and Dr. Arun Singh Moses
10.30 | Node positive NSCLC - Approach from a surgeon's point of view
Dr. Robin Thambudorai
10.45 | Loco-regionally advanced NSCLC - How I do it? Radiation Oncologist's perspective
Dr. Simon Pavamani
11.05 | Working up Metastatic NSCLC
Dr. Deepak Dabkara
11.20 | Treatment of mutation postive NSCLC
Dr. Amit Dwary 
11.40 | Treatment of mutation negative NSCLC
Dr. Vijay Patil 
12.00-13.30 | Gyne Module
Chair: Dr. Jaydeep Bhaumik
12.00 | Optimal Management of Ovarian Cancer
Dr. Abraham Peedicayil
12.30 | Optimal adjuvant treatment in endometrial cancer
Dr. Arunava Roy
13.00 | Management of advanced cervical cancer
Dr. Avinash Pandey
13.30 | Closing remarks
Prof. Richard Sullivan
13:40-14.30 | Lunch and networking

14.30 | CLOSE

10.45-12.15 | Head and Neck Tumour Board
Co-ordinator Dr. Prateek Jain
14.55-16.35 | Breast Cancer Tumour Board
Co-ordinator Dr. Sanjit Agrawal

8.30-10.00 | Lung Tumour Board
Co-ordinator Dr. Arun Singh Moses
10.30-12.00 | Gyne Tumour Board
Co-ordinator Dr. Jaydeep Bhaumik
12.00-13.30 | GI Cancers Tumour Board
Co-ordinator: Dr. Mohandes Mallath